In a way, the talismans used here arose from ancient religions and philosophies, many considered obscure. Probably, due to the fact that this culture does not belong to any religion. However, it is good to remember that this is not a rule. Above the religious meaning there is the symbolic value that these objects carry.

The Ank, with its cruciform format, has Egyptian origin. Many see it as a representation of the uterus, with its rounded top, symbol of fertility. Others link it to the concept of eternal life. It was used by Isis, widow and sister of Osiris, guardian and goddess of magic and death who, too, possessed the power of resurrection.
The pentagram is very used by the goths and the wiccas. At first, its meaning was associated with the implicit truth of religious mysticism and the work of the Creator.
Stops taking Resets, Master Resets and EXP penalty.
Davids star
Exclusive to the Antidemon. This figure consists of seven sickles forming the star. The sickles represent the instruments of agriculture that the people of Israel used as weapons of war. An army that was not formed by soldiers experienced in the war but of simple peasants who instead of spears and swords went to war using what they had in hand ... their instruments of work.

Disturbed Believe
Classified information.

Finally, most of the symbols and talismans used here had their origin in the East, and all with philosophical, mystical and spiritual meanings.