In the Project there is a reputation system that serves to have a notion of the behavior of the characters on the server, if they are good people or if they act in bad faith.
With this reputation system we ADMINS can choose the GMs better and the players can have a better idea of how it is.

Reputation applies to the character's account and not just to his char. So if you create another char, you will already have a pre-established reputation.

Reputation can change when you understand. The reputation also serves as a requirement to complete some site missions. In the CHAR INFO you can see the percentage that is calculated by multiplying the number of positive points by 100 and then dividing by the total of reputations you received. In the INFO of the char by clicking on the reputation you can see the last reputations that the character received. In the ranking you see the 5 best reputations of the server.