Castle Siege

Main Information

Castle Owner
Owner: RedBuLL
Guild Master: KingCobra
Level: 400
Resets: 500
M.Resets: 0
Points: 0
Assistant: N/A
Battlemaster 1: TheHunter
Battlemaster 2: ZAARKS

# Allie: Guild Master: Assistant: Points Country: Logo:

Other Information

Registered Guilds
# Guild: Guild Master: Points: Sign Of Lord: Country: Logo:
1 AsgarD InskissS 0 0

Awards for Castle Owner
Awards for members
You win that prize if you are a member of the castle guild siege (Prize added every Monday at 00: 00hs)

2000 EXP
Awards for Alliances
Awards for members
1000 EXP

Day: Hour: Details:
Monday 00:00:00 Registration of the Guilds
Tuesday 23:59:00 End of registration
Wednesday 00:00:00 Registration of the Signs of Lord
Wednesday 11:59:00 End of the registration of Signs
Friday 12:00:00 Announcement of the guilds that may participate
Friday 19:00:00 Prepare for the Siege
Sunday 20:00:00 Start of the Siege
Sunday 22:00:00 End of Siege