Every day from 1 to 1 hour, with many prizes awarded to the winners.
All classes are allowed in this event! (See schedules and awards below)
I need to have at least 20 Resets to participate!

A message will appear on the screen indicating the opening of the event, you must with Move (M) enter the Survivor event!

 Even if you do not stay in the first place, wait until the end of the event so that your points are validated.
Horários de evento
Todos los dias de 1 en 1 hora.
00:10 hs12:10 hs
01:10 hs13:10 hs
02:10 hs14:10 hs
03:10 hs15:10 hs
04:10 hs16:10 hs
05:10 hs17:10 hs
06:10 hs18:10 hs
07:10 hs19:10 hs
08:10 hs20:10 hs
09:10 hs21:10 hs
10:10 hs22:10 hs
11:10 hs23:10 hs
Prêmio al primer puesto
1000 Master Golds
1000 Golds
1000 puntos de exp
50 puntos de eventos

Rey del Survivor
1º Place:
2º Place:
3º Place:
4º Place:
5º Place: