Phoenix Invasion

The Phoenix Invasion Event happens all the time, you must go to Icarus, find the Phoenix of Darkness (mob:77) and kill it, each Phoenix of Darkness (mob:77) is worth 1 point.
Kill him and got weekly prize.
Winners of the Last Week
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This week`s ranking:

182 Points

49 Points

40 Points
Rodiel 26 Points Online
ImFelixx 21 Points Online
ZAARKS 16 Points Offline
SPRAIGA 11 Points Online
arturasLV 9 Points Online
Diavolo 5 Points Offline
Reward Reward Reward Record

5 days VIP
1000 Golds
1000 EXP

5 days VIP
500 Golds
500 EXP

5 days VIP
300 Golds
300 EXP

2018-11-12 00:00:00
287 Points
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